Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice - Season 2. Winter Season Premiere!

Article published on November 24, 2013. Written & compiled by admin. A Discovery Communications Production.

Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice follows five teams of men and women diving under the ice of the frozen Bering Sea in their quest for fortune. Unlike the scores of miners depicted on Bering Sea Gold, the winter season will follow the only people tough enough to take on the challenge of dredging for gold during an arctic winter.

The winter season for dredging the Bering Sea’s gold begins when the storms calm and the ice is thick enough to support the miner's dredging equipment. We will follow the unique process of diving under the ice to mine Nome's gold before the summer gold rush arrives. The time is short, only 5 weeks before the ice gets unstable...

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With an average temperature of minus 25° Celsius, this is an environment where only the toughest can survive.


Nome, Alaska is located just below the Artic Circle at 4°30'14"N 165°23'58"W.


Meet the mining teams:

The winter season has split up the teams into 5 mining teams. Emily Riedel, who we saw last summer on The Clark, now joins her father Steve Riedel who is competing this winter with his dredge named Steve's World On Ice.

Scott Meisterheim, owner & diver

Joe Dehring, diver

Alan Balodis, diver

Geordie Krapf, diver

Steve Pomrenke, owner

Shawn Pomrenke, co-owner & diver

Cody Moen, diver

Phil Rode, diver

Jess Virnig, diver

Steve Riedel, captain & diver

Emily Riedel, diver

Travis Richardson, diver

Grant Wilkins, diver

Brad Kelly, diver

Zeke Tenhoff, captain & diver

Ian Foster, diver

Milan Schield, diver

Rob Hehnlin, diver

Glen Lebaron, diver

Vernon Adkison, owner

Daryl Galipeau, diver

Kevin Jupina, diver

Gordon Grebe, diver


Captain Zeke Tenhoff (The Clack) reveils his secret weapon. Glen Lebaron, mining engineer, has spend more than 10 years developing an under water sluice box, called 'The Dragon'. Zeke Tenhoff is optimistic that this new sluice box will bring more gold to the surface and into their pockets.

'The Dragon' is prepared for a first try-out. Zeke Tenhoff & Glen Lebaron have great expectations.


Payday! The team on The Clark make a first profit of nearly 28 oz. of gold.


Watch here the full episodes:

Episode 01 - We Are Gonna Be Golden  (password = undertheice2013)

The crews take the ice. Zeke's new crew is on the gold, so they shut out late-arrival Emily. She joins her gung-ho dad Steve, who wagers Vernon. Nome's angriest dredger Scott returns with a new dredge and attitude but will it last?

Episode 02 - Dozers and Dragons  (password = undertheice2013)

Zeke takes a gamble on a new dredger with game-changing technology but a huge ego. Emily chafes under her dad's laidback management style and challenges his captaincy. She also tangles with Shawn, trying to buy a key piece of equipment out from under him.

Episode 03 - No Fuel to Burn  (password = undertheice2013)

Midseason, and patience is thin. Scott's dredge is literally running on fumes. Cocky newcomer Glen clashes with Zeke over how to best run the dredge. Emily's fed up with how her dad is running their dredge. Shawn's on a paystreak that stretches out of reach.

Episode 04 - Waterfalls of Gold  (password = undertheice2013)

Pressure mounts as days get warmer. It's parent vs child as Shawn and Emily try to prove their captaincy skills to their fathers. After months of nonstop work without taking time to grieve his best friend's death, Zeke finally reaches his breaking point.

Episode 05 - The Thaw  (password = undertheice2013)

The dredgers race to put in one last dive before the ice melts from under them. Zeke's most profitable season has taken its toll. Emily goes to drastic measures to earn her crew's and her own self respect. Steve R faces Vern to settle their bet.

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