Gold Rush - Season 5. All new season premiere here 2014-2015 !

Article published on November 2, 2014. Written & compiled by admin. A Discovery Channel production.

This season everything has changed. After his epic failure in Guyana, South America, Todd Hoffman finds himself alone with no land and no crew to mine. He can no longer convince any of his former crew members to start mining with him again.

Dave Turin & Freddy Dodge join hands and return to the Klondike where they know there's rich ground.

Parker Schnabel gets bad news from Tony Beets when Tony refuses to give Parker better ground.

Tony himself has great plans for a 75 year old dredge. He bought the dredge for one million dollars and he's convinced that the 'old lady' is still capable of producing a lot of gold, just like in the old days...

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Tony Beets (aka 'The Viking') has set his mind on a 75 year old dredge this season.

These dredges were quite popular in the old days, but can Tony still resurrect this piece of machinery?

Parker Schnabel returns to the Klondike and now he has set his mind on a piece of ground for himself. He wants Tony off his back. But for that he needs 2.000 ounces of gold this season.

Todd & Jack Hoffman at McKinnin Creek. Their last hope for land this season.

They find gold in their pan and take the risk of mining this abondonned mining ground.

Todd closes a deal for the McKinnin Creek and they are back in business!


Watch all the episodes here:

Episode 01  - New Blood  (season premiere) (password = goldrush2015)

Returning for Season 5 is Parker, who proved himself in his rookie season mining the Klondike when he brought in over 1,000 ounces of gold worth $1.4 million. This time around, he’s set a lofty goal to double his take. Todd is also back after hitting rock bottom in the jungles of Guyana, South America, where he lost his land, most of his money, and ultimately his crew. Finally, Tony aka “The Viking,” and his team return after buying a $1 million, 75-year-old floating gold dredge he hopes will be his ticket to wealth.

Episode 02 - From the Ashes  (password = goldrush2015)

Todd gets his washplant stuck in a river; Tony almost crushes his son beneath a conveyor; Parker must mine a swamp.

Episode 03 - Golden Boy  (password = goldrush2015)

Parker fights with the crew about running at night; Tony twists an important steel frame on the dredge; Todd, Jack and Thurber work on their first clean up.

Episode 04 - Viking Ship  (password = goldrush2015)

Todd is forced to sell his gold to get the mining equipment he needs, Parker hauls his washplant across the claim and Tony takes to the skies to get from his claim to the gold dredge.

Episode 05 - Hard Bargain  (password = goldrush2015)

Dave agrees to work with the Hoffman crew under a new agreement. Tony has a near miss while removing the heaviest part of the dredge and Parker fights with Rick when he opens up untested ground.

Episode 06 - Cursed Cut  (password = goldrush2015)

Dave and Todd clash when deciding how to mine frozen ground. Tony’s daughter gets herself into a difficult situation.

Episode 07 - Goldzilla  (password = goldrush2015)

Todd wants to make a big purchase but needs a down payment first, Parker gets new equipment and Tony attempts to move the wheelhouse out from his gold dredge.

Episode 08 - Gold Blooded  (password = goldrush2015)

Parker goes for his best clean up so far this season, Tony attempts to rip the trommel out of his 75 year old gold dredge and the Hoffman crew is stunned by the death of an old crew member.

Episode 09 - Colossal Clean Up  (password = goldrush2015)

The Hoffmans overcome a lack of water to get a monster clean up. Tony finally gets his dredge on the way to its new home in Eureka Creek. Parker gets the biggest gold clean up in Gold Rush history.

Here are some Gold Rush specials for the holidays, awaiting the new episodes next year. Enjoy!

Special - Grandpa John  (password = goldrush2015)

Pay Dirt Special - Colossal Clean Up  (password = goldrush2015)

Parker has a huge day.

The DIrt Season 3, Episode 6 - Make or Break  (password = goldrush2015)

Tony Beets discusses new dredge details; Todd talks about his recently humbled persona; Parker explains his secret weapon.

Episode 10 - Parker's Accident  (password = goldrush2015)

Parker Schnabel totals his car in a head on collision. The Hoffman crew rock trucks go head to head on a dangerous haul road and Tony Beets finally starts to rebuild his 75 year old gold mining dredge.

Episode 11 - Ship of Fools  (password = goldrush2015)

Parker and his grandpa go hunting for a new Klondike Claim. Tony’s operation grinds to a halt when his dredge crew runs out of bolts. Todd’s crew discards paydirt which causes a major financial loss.

Episode 12 - Piles of Gold  (password = goldrush2015)

Todd and Dave disagree about how to mine, but reap large rewards; Tony and Parker go to war over bedrock gold; Minnie steals Tony’s dredge crew.

Episode 13 - Gold Road  (password = goldrush2015)

Logan has an accident with the rock truck; the Hoffman crew aims for a huge weigh-in; Parker finds his new cut frozen solid; Tony installs the heaviest part of his dredge.

Episode 14 - Rogue Miner  (password = goldrush2015)

Todd and Dave get a pair of dozers stuck in deep mud while trying to open a new cut. Parker breaks an excavator as his crew struggles with frozen ground and Tony’s mad rush to get his dredge finished ends up costing him big time.

Episode 15 - The Monster Lives  (password = goldrush2015)

Parker mines an island of paydirt, the Hoffman crew puts two rock trucks out of commission and Tony discovers a major electrical problem.

Episode 16 - Rivers of Gold  (password = goldrush2015)

Parker diverts a creek in order to mine a pile of gold in the riverbed. Tony's crew is upset over fitting the tailings conveyor. Jack is accused of sabotage.

Episode 17 - Frozen Gold  (password = goldrush2015)

The Hoffmans’ sluicebox is frozen; Tony tries to run his dredge, but discovers a lost part of his bucket line; equipment issues hinder Parker.

Episode 18 - Hundreds of Ounces  (password = goldrush2015)

The Hoffman crew tries to reach their season goal; Tony tries to run the gold dredge, but finds himself shipwrecked; Parker makes a push to hit his goal.

Episode 19 - Millions in Gold  (password = goldrush2015)

Parker faces mutiny; the Hoffmans get a large dozer; Tony makes one last attempt at getting the dredge working; Parker, Tony and Todd discuss the season.

This completes 'Gold Rush Season 05'. It has been an amazing season with astonishing rewards for all teams. I'm looking forward to 'Gold Rush Season 06' next year. There's still plenty of gold out there...

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