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Article published on September 19, 2013. Written & compiled by admin. A Discovery Communications Production.

The Hoffman Crew ‘s search for gold in South America is taking them on a long and wild journey, reminiscent of Indiana Jones’ search for lost treasures. Like the movie hero we all love, the Hoffman Crew is primed for adventure and is determined to find their own treasure – more profitable gold rich ground. While Indy just needed his whip and battered hat, it’s a little more complicated for the miners to prepare with the right contacts, equipment, and to leave family so far behind.

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The distance to their first stop alone, is staggering to think about. The Hoffman Crew’s leaves their home base near Dawson City in the Yukon and will travel 6,154 miles to their first stop at Cusco, Peru. That’s close to traveling coast to coast in the U.S. twice. That’s just the measure of how far away from home they are; there are other significant challenges in moving their gold mining operations to South America.

The difference in elevation is one difference. Dawson City is at an elevation of 1,050 ft. above sea level; some of the locations they’re visiting in South America are upwards of 16,000 ft. which means thin air, strong sunlight, and ever changing conditions. Physically, can they even mine there?

Then there’s the forest and jungles they’ll encounter at other stops. Dawson City, near the Hoffman’s Quartz Creek mine site, has a subarctic climate that ranges from some 60 degrees Fahrenheit in July to -16 degrees Fahrenheit in January. The Hoffman Crew, used to working in much lower temperatures, will be dealing with averages of 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and higher during their search for pay dirt.

The truth is, the Hoffman Crew’s search for gold is taking them across a vast continent with so many differences we immediately know the guys are a little rattled. Instead of snow and deep bedrock the Hoffman Crew will be tackling scary mountain mines and roads, deserts, jungles, new types of mining and equipment and more.

Then there are the South American miners. It may be some of them aren’t that happy to have Americans on their gold rich ground.

Tension is everywhere on this South American quest for the Hoffman Crew but they are committed to finding more profitable ground. It’s a fish out of water story that will have us on the edge of our seats as they face tough decisions all along the way.

Tough decisions are an understatement but the Hoffman Crew is used to that. What we want to know is if any of the guys share Indiana Jones’ fear: snakes. This is a serious question as South America has 94 different species of reptiles and Dawson City has none. We won’t even mention the jungle cats.

Who knows what the Hoffman Crew will encounter…


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