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Article published on March 31, 2014. Written & compiled by admin. An Animal Planet production.

The first season of ICE COLD GOLD was but a glimpse of Greenland's power and potential. This season, the threats and rewards are multiplied.  Nothing about Greenland is implied; a new world is about to be defined. In the ruby-packed second season of ICE COLD GOLD, our spirited team of American miners returns to the most remote mining location on the planet with its eyes on a prize. With possibly the world's largest ruby in the Arctic glinting within reach, Sixty Degree Resources stretches the logistical challenge of returning to its deposit to life-threatening, thin extremes.

In Greenland, some of the rules remain the same. The window to the mining season is tight, and with no roads within thousands of miles, Sixty Degree Resources must travel to the most remote mining region in the world by boat and helicopter to reach its deposit. Then, the team must sling in thousands of pounds of heavy-duty mining equipment to get the job done. Nearly killing themselves for what they believe, these ballsy American miners bare all their emotions in chapter two of this life-threatening journey.. The odds are stacked against them - with time being their worst enemy - as they face 24-hour sunlight, massive glaciers, unknown wildlife and remote, uncharted territories no American miner ever has set foot on before.

From the airport of Nuuk, Greenland, the men have to travel by boat to their location of last year, the Red Zone.

Under the glacial ice sheets of Greenland, the world's largest island, sits more mineral wealth than one can imagine: an immeasurable amount of gold, silver, platinum, sapphire and other precious minerals. Ice Cold Gold follows mercenary American speculators as they fight against the freezing elements, international miners, and two short summer months to claim their stake at the top of the world.

Meet the miners:

Eric Drumond


Ched Watkins


John Self

Placer Miner/Prospector

Zach 'Gator' Schoose

Excavator Expert

Jesse Feldman

Hard Rock Miner

Josh Feldman

Hard Rock Miner

America DiSantos



The eight-part series follows seven men who leave behind their families, friends and homeland to strike it rich against all odds while struggling to survive against the harshest of conditions. Greenland's a veritable beast, but the motley crew of ICE COLD GOLD miners is up for the challenge. Each thinks he has what it takes to walk away with gold, rubies and sapphires before winter and large mining companies swoop in.

Their equipment for this season is transported by heli with a hefty US$ 6,000 price tag for each trip!

It takes a water cooled diamond plated chainsaw to cut out the rubies from the rocks.

Geologist Eric Drumond carefully calculates the spots where to take core samples. America DiSantos operates the diamond core drill.

The results speak for themselves. PLenty of high quality rubies are revealed. Even the soil near the rocks contains rubies.

Watch the full episodes here:

Episode 00 (season preview) - Facing the Beast   (password = icecoldgold2014)

The ICG crew invades Greenland to mine for gold, rubies and sapphires before the large mining companies arrive.

Episode 01 - Ruby Fever   (password = icecoldgold2014)

Sixty Degree Resources, a small American mining company, returns to Greenland.

Episode 02 - The Belly of the Red Beast   (password = icecoldgold2014)

Greenland’s wild frontier causes big problems for the American miners who have their sights set on what could be the largest ruby deposit in the Arctic.

Episode 03 - In the Red   (password = icecoldgold2014)

The miners embark for the Red Zone and dive into the rich ruby deposit they discovered last year, but the mercurial weather, brutal terrain and extreme isolation oppose the miners’ every move.

Episode 04 - Rubies Revealed   (password = icecoldgold2014)

The team is divided with one half in the Red Zone finding huge rubies while the other half searches feverishly for gems in the river below.

Episode 05 - The Rise and Fall of the Ruby Empire   (password = icecoldgold2014)

The Red Zone team find rubies in abundance, but their supplies are running low as bad weather approaches, making their job even tougher. Meanwhile, Josh, Chad and John are at the base camp getting the dredge ready for a move to the upper lake.

Episode 06 - The Gold Rush   (password = icecoldgold2014)

Episode 07 - Point of No Return   (password = icecoldgold2014)

The miners are almost at season’s end. With winter closing in, and time running out, Josh and Eric arrive in Eqi, north of the Arctic Circle, for one last shot at gold, while the rest of the team focuses on dredging for rubies.

Episode 08 - Tne Beast Within   (password = icecoldgold2014)

A couple of miners could end up being stranded in the Arctic for the whole of the winter while other miner’s lives are in danger.


This completes 'ICE COLD GOLD - SEASON 2'. They'll be back next year.

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