Kalgoorlie's jumbo gold nugget seems to be a hoax.

Perth Now, October 19, 2012 – 1:43PM

Dubbed 'The Golden Boomerang' this is the gold nugget supposedly found near Kalgoorlie. Picture: Supplied. Source: PerthNow


REPORTS of a colossal gold nugget being found during illegal prospecting near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia appear to be a hoax.

The so-called jumbo nugget has been estimated as weighing anything between seven kilograms and 60kg, and was reportedly discovered near Cashmans Prospect east of Ora Banda.

There were reports it was uncovered by a bulldozer, but others said it was revealed after someone kicked some dirt.

A photo of the boomerang-shaped object has gone far and wide, but several posts on prospecting forums say it appears to be poured lead covered in gold paint.

Others said the photo and story had been passed on by reputable people.

Ivor Roberts, executive director for mineral titles at WA's Department of Mines and Petroleum, said the department was not aware of any recent discovery of a gold nugget through illegal prospecting at Cashmans Prospect.

"We take illegal prospecting very seriously, with the maximum penalty for unauthorized mining recently increasing from $100,000 to $300,000 per offence, and if it continues, $30,000 every day or part day,'' Mr Roberts said.

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DEdhed Posted at 2:33 PM October 19, 2012

I saw this photo a few days ago, Looks like a bit of molten alloy from under a burnt out car thats been painted gold. I bet it's flat on the other side.

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SDB Posted at 3:08 PM October 19, 2012

ok so they have had their 2 minutes of publicity now charge them with fraud

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toad of Australia Posted at 6:27 PM October 19, 2012

I guess if it is legit, and has been taken from a mining lease or other prohibited area, this will be the last we see of it.

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KEFT of Fremantle Posted at 10:17 AM October 20, 2012

Welcome to the'wild west'.what has changed since Paddy Hannan's original find.There has been a string of entrepeneurs with farfetched stories in a bid to boost share prices.This is nothing new.

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Pat of Perth Posted at 10:53 AM October 20, 2012

There's no rock or quartz visible the colour of the metal is way too pale and the formation is not like a natural nugget at all and highly unlikely to find alluvial metal of that size especially in kal

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weight guesser Posted at 12:12 PM October 20, 2012

what sort of estimated weight can 7 to 60kg be ??

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Peppy of Peppy Grove Posted at 3:19 PM October 20, 2012

Pat, that is what gold looks like when you find it in nature. As for Rock or Quarts ? Yes Iron Stone and Quarts are a good indicator for Good but its not always there! The gold chain you wear has been cleaned and Polished. LOl

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DEdhed Posted at 4:51 PM October 20, 2012

I suspect these guys were just gassing up some fellow prospectors and the photo is now on the net. I too have in the past made nuggets to 'find' in front of fellow prospectors.

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Bloke of the bush Posted at 6:45 AM October 21, 2012

weight guesser. Something similar to Swandive's proposed Budget surplus. That is illusionary much like this alleged nugget.

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