Mysterious ring found 30 years ago. Who can help me identify this object?

Article published on March 9, 2014. Written & compiled by admin.

The ring shown here was found some 30 years ago in the North-East region of Belgium (see map) .I can’t remember the exact location where I found it (blame my memory). All I know is that it was buried in a sandy soil with lots of pines wood. No other objects were found aside. I might have been an accidentally loss by somebody who was wearing it.


Map overview

Colored region = Limburg

Province of Belgium (North-East)

Click on map for more detail


First, let me describe the ring for you. Maybe someone recognizes some details.

To begin with, it’s a rather large ring, either by size and by diameter. The ring is obvious too big for my ring finger.

I tested the ring for iron. Negative, it’s non-magnetic.

The ring has a silver color cast and it is nicely decorated with ornaments on both sides.

Further, there are no inscriptions visible on the ring.

The top of the ring is beautifully decorated with green stones (emeralds?) and the ring can be opened.

Once opened, the ring is hollow. What did the owner hide inside it? Valuable gem stones, poison, drugs???

Maybe someone can date this ring. I very much would like to know where it came from.

Please contact me if you can shed some light on this mysterious ring.


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We thank Susan Hanners for her reply! She wrote:

The ring that you found, in case you haven't received an answer as of yet, is called a poison ring.