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Article published on February 15, 2014. Written & compiled by admin.

After a seasonal break we have prepared some new articles and exiting tv shows! We'll give you a preview of the new series and articles that are waiting to be published within the next months.

We also welcome the increase of returning visitors who have shown us their appreciation. We received encouraging emails for the efforts we have done to bring you the best tv series. For the new season we prepared for you:

   Gold Rush - Season 4  (Discovery Channel 2013-2014)

   Bering Sea Gold - Season 3  (Discovery Channel 2013-2014)

   Gem Hunt - Season 1  (Travel Channel (US) 2013-2014)




Last year I had some serious issues with my Minelab GPX-4500 metal detector. The machine had become unstable and noisy, the threshold no longer responded. I decided to ship it to the nearest service centre in Ireland. The first results were encouraging. Back in Thailand, the previous issues showed up again and for a second time I was forced to ship it to a service centre, This time I shipped the unit to Australia. Two months later I had it back and it worked like a charm. Still does! No charges (except for shipping)

Service Centre Ireland

Service Centre Australia



We prepared an article about my visit to Phetchaburi. I was invited by a local teacher to visit the museum. More about this trip later. I plan to return later this year with diving equipment to examine the river bottom.

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We will have a close look at the new Minelab CTX-3030 and the XChange 2 software. The future of discovery!



Next month we will release a complete light weight kit for the Minelab GPX metal detectors. Featuring a high grade control box cover, the headphone/speaker amplifier RJ-1 and a high power Li-ion battery with charger. This set replaces the original Minelab accu + harnas + headphone. The setprice is not yet confirmed.



Metaldetector-rj.com is now on Facebook! Visit us here:




Further we have an updated article about the final restoration steps of my Willys Jeep. We added smart utilities as a built-in cooking fire, sleeping facilities and more. You can read about it later.



We have increased the amount of TOPO maps for Garmin GPS devices in our webshop. Now we cover a substantial land area for the prospector. So have a look and see if there's something you can use.




As you can see, we have a lot of new ground to cover. We hope to see you back soon!


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