Prospecting Trip Australia 2012 - Week 2

We start our second week in Menzies, a small town located two hours driving North of Kalgoorlie. It’s getting dark and we must hurry to find a sleeping place for the night. When the sun sets, you have only little time before complete darkness . No clouds tonight as he sky is filled with stars.
The next morning we do a little prospecting in the surrounding area. We have the CD “From Menzies to Wiluna” from Jo & Cheryl Foster, which is our guideline for the next week. Menzies has good places where you still can find gold. The CD is provided with maps
In the afternoon when it is becoming too hot to prospect, we visit this little town. There is one hotel/pub here, a food store that’s seems to be desolated and a post office with tourist info shop.
We need a cold drink and enter the pub. A nice young lady serving the customers tells us that she is from New Zeeland. Every now and then a truck driver stops and asks for a few bottles take-a-way beer. The servant takes a paper bag and fills it with the bottles.

The local info shop & post office.

We go for a cold beer, very refreshing. Only AU $ 8,80 !


The old railroad house, now Menzies hotel / pub. The grocery store is housed inside the hotel.

The next day we do some prospecting south of the railway crossing but no luck. But it’s a large area so we move on.


Historic mine Flying Fish, located South of the railway crossing in Menzies.


The vegetation is also changing when you’re going North.


The town Hall of Menzies, beautifully restored.

Fool’s gold or Iron Pyrite, found outside an old mine working. Not to be confused with the real stuff!


Old utilities found here. An axe, horse or camel shoe and a heavy, irregular shaped glass bottle.

Left behind by the old gold diggers, maybe 100 years old. Old utilities found on old workings in Menzies gold fields.

Old machinery park in Menzies, left as is, from the time of the Gold Rush.   


Historic Gold Mine Goodenough, Menzies  S 29°40’37.6” E 121°04’339.7”. Historic production of approximately 10408oz of gold (323,69kg).

We continue prospecting in this area, geologic maps define this soil as Czl or Laterite, often a good indicator for the presence of gold.  


We found a termite nest measuring a least 1 meter. Do not disturbe!


Following the Gold Trail map we visit Site No.7 in Menzies.


Life and death on the Gold Fields.


We follow the lane and read the names and details from the gravestones.


5.00 am, early in morning and already awake.


JP is still asleep…. No cosy tent for him.


Gold Trail Map Coolgardie to Menzies.


Old mine shaft. Dangerous wholes, keep out !
GPS coordinates S 29°40’56.8’’ –  E 121°4’12,4’’


At the end of week 2 we drive back to Kalgoorly city for food supply and drinks. Next week we start at Arrow Lake, 24km North of Kalgoorly (see map). We also bring you an impression of the mining museum of Kalgoorly and we visit the Super Pit in Boulder. Stay tuned!

Arrow Lake, 24km North of Kalgoorlie.

Did we find gold this week? No, only fool’s gold. Better luck next week.

Warm regards,