Prospecting Trip Australia 2012 - week 3

This week we bring you our report from the Mining Museum in Kalgoorlie and from our visit at The Super Pit in Boulder.

For the museum, we opted for the guided tour that starts every day at 11.00am.

The entrance is free, but a small donation is appreciated. Together with  10 other visitors we start the tour and keep our camera rolling…

The sign as seen from the street.


An elevator can bring you to the platform on Level 1 from where you have a nice view.


View from the platform. The Super Pit is visible in the background.

Our guide explained us how the first gold was found here just behind the museum. It was Paddy Hannan and his companion who discovered gold here when visiting this place.  After they struck gold, Paddy rushed back to Coolgardie to sign the papers and claim the land. Only a few months later the whole place was taken by gold miners, all camping in tents. A new gold town was born.

The early gold miners were housed in a tent with minimum comfort.

Just outside the museum there’s a small garden with exact replicas from the early buildings. 

Replica from the first bank in Kalgoorlie.


The Miner’s Cottage project.


Showing part of the kitchen and the fire place for cooking.

Original sink from the bathroom.

Back inside the museum. Books, souvenirs, miners equipment, it’s all there.


The souvenir shop where you can buy real gold nuggets at AU $68/g.


The guide tells us that at floor level -1 there is an exhibition of gold nuggets. When we go downstairs we see that the room has the appearance of a bank safe. Here we find a nice collection of larger and smaller nuggets in different shapes. It’s dark here with the gold stored behind thick safety glass.


Gold is often found together with quartz rock.






The Super Pit – Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Time to visit the Super Pit, Australia’s largest open pit. It’s also Site No. 25 on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail. We can reach the platform by car and first have a look at the machinery parts exposed here.

The entrance. We can drive all the way up by car.


The visitor’s platform is located at the edge of the Super Pit. Do not enter when you suffer from vertigo!


Site No. 25 of the Golden Quest Discovery Trail.


About 100 tons of ore fits into this giant shovel.


A Caterpillar 793F truck (Low resolution)


A phenomenal panoramic view. A pity my compact camera does not have a wide angle lens fitted.

(To watch movie, select GALLERIES)

At this moment, the Super Pit is almost 500 meters deep, 1500 meters wide and about 3500 meters long.

There’s always a lot of wind here and visible clouds of dust.


At the bottom we can spot two Caterpillars 793F trucks. They can transport 250 tons of ore.


The total historic production of the Super Pit is about 1,5 million kg of gold. Even today the Super Pit produces 60 kg of gold on a 24 hours daily basis. One ton of ore contains 2 grams of gold. This means that every year 85 million tons of ore have to be treated. The Pit never sleeps. ..


Next week we move on to Coolgardie, once the most important gold town in Western Australian.

We visit the museum en bring you a report on the gold fields.

And the gold? We keep chasing it, but it sure is hard to find!


Warm regards,

JP .