Prospecting Trip Australia 2012 - week 5

Last week we visited Coolgardie, site No. 1 on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail. For the next weeks we will follow the trail and bring you a detailed report on the 25 official sites following the 965 km trail route. There is also a dedicated website where you can find in depth information about the history behind the locations on the map. Please visit:

The trail features 25 official sites.


We also purchased The Golden Quest Discovery Guide Book.  It comes with 2 audio CD’s and this book is a welcome addition to our trip. It comes with comprehensive maps, travel distances and safety guidelines.  



Another fine feature of this website are the Postcard WA Videos. Three episodes are available here and they give you a preview of all the sites on the trail.

Episode 1         

Episode 2         

Episode 3         


A photo gallery is available here. Unfortunately all pictures are copyright protected. In time we will post our own pictures as we move on from site to site.


Here are some photo samples of Kookynie and the Niagara Dam :


Kookynie ghost town.


Kookynie hotel in ruins.


Kookynie Puzzle South Mine (abandoned).


Kookynie Split Rock.


Gwalia Open Pit View.


Niagara Dam – View.


Kookynie Grand Hotel.






Our Garmin GPSMAP 62s has arrived with the Topo data card of Australia & New Zealand. This fine piece of equipment will be a great help in finding detailed locations from Google Earth and other places where gold has already been found.


An excellent tool for the prospector!

Garmin GPSMAP 62s


Next week we start the tour and we keep you informed about the progress we make. And of course we continue our QUEST FOR THE GOLD. WHERE IS IT HIDING?


Warm regards,