In this review we compare our self-developed RJ-1 headphone/speaker booster against the popular B&Z booster, manufactured and refined over 11 years by Neptune B&Z Technologies and now available and manufactured by Aurum Australis (known from Jonathan Porter, promoter and host of The Outback Prospector DVD-Series for the Minelab metal detectors). The B&Z booster can be used with all Minelab detectors and with all battery systems. The amplifier produces a clean signal response regardless of target size, without producing extra noise. It comes with its own battery but has the option to switch to bypass mode. This is a very popular booster to use with the GPX-4500 and GPX-5000, producing exceptional sound clarity. The SE-10 features a headphone/external speaker socket, an on/off switch with volume control knob, a 2 way boost/bypass switch, and a fixed lead to connect to your detector. It uses 2 X 1,5 Volt AAA Alkaline batteries for power supply. According to the manufacturer, the operation time is a minimum of 200 hours (only with headphone). Using an external speaker will reduces the operation time considerable (approx. 20 hours with alkaline batteries). The dimensions are relatively smaller than the RJ-1 with L 105mm, W 77mm, H 30mm (including clip). The weight of the B&Z booster is 220g including batteries.  The RJ-1 is only slightly heavier, weighting approx. 250g including a 9 volt battery.




The B&Z Booster.


A detailed description of our own RJ-1 headphone/speaker booster can be found here:


The RJ-1 Headphone/Speaker Booster.


We have tested and refined the RJ-1 throughout. It worked flawless during our trip in the Outback of Western Australia and never let us down. The RJ-1 has a built-in speaker witch is not included in the B&Z booster. The RJ-1 is sold at AU$ 139,00 what makes it a strong competitor against the more expensive B&Z booster. You can buy the B&Z booster together with a clip-on speaker at a set price of AU$ 195,00 ( The warranty is 12 months, the same as the RJ-1. 

Recommended settings for the B&Z in combination with the Minelab GPX-4500 are Volume Limit 10, Target Volume 8 (in General Search Mode).

We compared the boosters in combination with a Minelab GPX-4500 machine. Both boosters work fine and are easy to use without the need of a manual. We found the sound of the B&Z/external speaker combo a bit soft, not producing the same powerful sound as the RJ-1. The RJ-1 uses a more powerful amplifier that operates on a 9 volt battery.

The RJ-1 can be attached to your control box cover using the Velcro clips. The volume level is more than sufficient to notice any change in tone. The external speaker of the B&Z combo needs to be fitted on top of your shoulder, preventing loss of tonal details.

Built quality is good for both items.


Our conclusion:

The price setting for the RJ-1 beats the B&Z booster. We preferred the overall sound quality of the RJ-1, even when mounted on the control box cover. For those people who say that every weight counts, we advise you to use the Minelab bungy cord for optimum comfort.

We wish you comfortably prospecting moments with these welcome additions.