Metal Detector Search and Recovery Service

I started metal detecting 30 years ago and today I can say that I built up a significant amount of knowledge and experience. What started as a hobby became my passion.

I quickly got interested and learned a lot about the technology behind the machines.

I own many types of detectors that are interesting, Each detector has different functions and you can use these for the benefit as long as you study and practice.

If you want to understand more about the detectors that I use for my work, please check this link. Here you can view a short movie about the technique and how to work with 3 types of detectors.

Job’s Agreement

IMPORTANT!!!  I'm not driven by financial profit. My goal is to discover valuable artefacts. All costs listed here are intended for the maintenance of my equipment and to keep this website alive.

1. Before I set to work, I need some important information such as: What’s the object I have to look for? Where and what kind of soil I must work on? This allows me to study and plan each specific job before I go out and consider what kind of detector I need. In many cases it’s better when my client can show me some photos of the area I need to work in.

2. The client will be charged for all transportation costs necessary for the job.

3. Payment will not depend on duration(*), even if it’s a hard job that takes several days. I only charge a fair percentage (30%) of  the value of the objects I retrieve.

4. The client should be aware about the identity of the objects that are lost is a specific area. In case I cannot retrieve any objects, the customer can never ask for a refund concerning transportation costs. (see above)

5. When I agree with the job, the first step is to set up a contract before I start working.

How the work is to be performed

1. Contact me by email :

2. After discussing job detail, the client must transfer transportation costs to my paypal account.


3. Make an appointment  and sign the contract with a third party (witness) signature.

4. I start working!!!.