The Thai baht


The Thai baht is the official currency of the Kingdom of Thailand; its currency symbol is ฿ and its ISO code is THB.  The Thai baht is one of the most popular trading currencies in the world and each baht is divided into one hundred satang.  The Bank of Thailand has responsibility over the currency including its standards and issuance.  The Thai baht is one of the more popular trading currencies offered by forex brokers.

The name of the currency was originally the ‘tical’ and this name was used in English language text to describe the currency until 1925.  The name ‘baht’ was adopted by Thailand in the 19th century and it is only more recently that the name has become more widely used internationally. These names are both units of weight measurement in the Thai language and came to be used as currency due to their association with the weighing of silver and gold.  Thai coins were once issued in silver and gold and denominated by their weight.  The first modern coins were introduced in 1860 which were composed of silver and gold although the last gold coins were created in 1895 and since then have been produced in cupronickel, tin, aluminium and bronze. 

More recently the Ministry of Finance have collaborated with the Royal Thai Mint to produce new coins with reduced production costs with an updated portrait image of the King of Thailand on the reverse.  The new coin is produced in an aluminium and bronze alloy.

Below are a few Thailand Gold Commemorative coins which commemorate the Thail’s Royal Family on their wedding and other events:

400 Baht

                                                     400 Baht, (1971), (Y.93), gold, 25th Anniversary, Reign of King Rama IX

600 Baht

600 Baht, (1968), (Y.90), gold, Queen Sirikit 36th Birthday,

2500 Baht

2500 Baht, (1977), (Y.119), gold, Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn and Princess Soamsawali Wedding