The Webshop has launched !

A warm welcome to all our visitors!

Statistics show that the amount of visitors has increased rapidly over the last months. This success confirms the website’s popularity among metal detector users and the casual visitor who is looking for information.

A year ago a webshop was on my wish list and today I am pleased to announce the introduction of my webshop. It’s a welcome feature for the metal detector users and the prospector. From now on eBay sales are no longer active. All these items have been transferred to the new webshop.   

The webshop is linked to the website and can be accessed at the right side of the HOME page. Here you will find a button ‘’To the WEBSHOP’’

We kept the interface as simple as possible. We start with a select range of products but this range will be extended in the near future. We will offer items for metal detectors, camping gear, maps, prospector books, guides, CDs, videos, etc…

Later we will also offer products that can be downloaded for immediate use.

If you find our website useful and informative, please support us by purchasing items. We thank you for your contribution!

PayPal is accepted for all purchases.

Happy shopping!