Hidden gold treasures

The legend of lasseter gold

Perhaps the greatest mystery in the charismatic saga of the Australian Gold fields, is the Legend of Lasseter's Reef.

Harold Lasseter was a man whose history and antecedents are shrouded in mystery. Even today debate rages as to the authenticity of his claim that he had found a fabulously rich gold reef, west of Alice Springs, Central Australia, somewhere near the Western Australian border.

Czar's gold treasure found on Baikal Lake bed


A Russian mini-submarine may have found billions of pounds worth of lost Tsarist gold on the floor of the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake in Siberia.


The Dutchman's Lost Gold Mine

Suspected location of the lost mine

Titanic treasure

The Titanic still holds treasure today. 2 passengers from Switzerland were brothers who dealt in diamonds. It is estimated they brought 300 million dollars worth of diamonds with them on the ill fated journey. They have not been recovered yet. 

Hidden Nazi Gold


nazi gold

Divers have been hoping to discover hidden gold in the lakes of Austria and Germany. (Copywrite Lee Krystek, 2004)