Treasure From Phetchaburi River

All treasure is useful for education in local school. It had been preserve in a museum “Cultural Centre Petchaburi” and opening for all people who interested in historical events about Phetchaburi Province.

Metal detector Technique(1)

The Operating Principles.
Given the results of the reader survey, I saw that there was a need for articles about metal detector technique. For me as a technician, this was enough reason to start writing articles. This is why I would like to invite you to discover a short series of articles about metal detectors

How To Use A Metal Detector Properly

The first thing to do is to pick a good area. This should be a place people visit frequently like parks and beaches. Other good places are areas now deserted by people where artefacts can still remain buried decades later. Historical sites can often come up rich in old coins and antiques. Before going onto any area check first that you are allowed on the property and seek permission where necessary.