Real or rumour? Debate over nugget continues.

By John Wibberley  ABC Goldfields - 19 October, 2012 12:34PM AWST

Debate is intensifying over whether a photo circulating the Goldfields depicts a real gold nugget or an aluminium fake.

Affectionately dubbed the 'Golden Boomerang', a gold nugget on the back of a four wheel drive. (Supplied)


Kalgoorlie's jumbo gold nugget seems to be a hoax.

Perth Now, October 19, 2012 – 1:43PM

Dubbed 'The Golden Boomerang' this is the gold nugget supposedly found near Kalgoorlie. Picture: Supplied. Source: PerthNow


REPORTS of a colossal gold nugget being found during illegal prospecting near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia appear to be a hoax.

Ancient statue discovered by Nazis is made from meteorite.

Ancient statue discovered by Nazis is made from meteorite.

By Matt McGrath - Science reporter, BBC World Service.

BBC News, September 27, 2012.

The artifact is believed to be made from a meteorite that crashed into the Earth 15,000 years ago.


An ancient statue that was recovered by a Nazi expedition in the 1930s was originally carved from a highly valuable meteorite.

Prospecting Trip Australia 2012 – Special Edition

Last week we announced our plans for the Golden Quest Discovery Trail. These plans are in progress but in the mean time we want to keep you readers informed about our progress in prospecting.

Last week we returned to Menzies after we heard good news of gold being found there. After locating a few spots we set up our camp and we were lucky to be on rich ground.

We found several gold nuggets weighting 0,5 g up to 2 g.

Prospecting Trip Australia 2012 – Week 1

We arrived at Perth International Airport on Friday the 13th, 2012 at 23.10 pm. Although we  were a bit afraid for the baggage control with all our equipment packed, we were outside the airport in no time. We spend the first night at the Billabong Backpackers Resort, a half hour driving with the taxi. Not a best choice, but  it didn’t cost us any money. Perth is very expensive when it comes to food and beverage........ Read our first full report here.