Gold & Ghosts

                       A Prospector’s Guide to Metal Detecting in Australia

                                       by:    David W. de Havelland  

A series of books that gives in detail, information on the old gold mining areas together with valuable historical information, photographs and maps – these are most essential for the serious prospector! The information shown here is for your reference only.

Unfortunately, these books are now longer in print and will not be reprinted as the author withdrew them from sale in July 2002.

The Golden Stonefish Nugget

The weight is 226.87 troy ounces (7056 grams)!

It was found  in West Australia north of Kalgoorlie. .

Above - Dan, Ian and Mike holding the nugget outside the Perth Mint in May 2004.

Here is the story of its find as written by Ian, the finder of the nugget  .............

Update Announcement Prospecting Trip Australia

Update, October 8th, 2011


Dear visitor,

After a rather cold summer in Belgium I returned to the warm and sunny climate of Thailand. My companion and travelling partner will join me in November.

From here we will make the final arrangements for the trip to Australia.

3000 years old bronze treasure

3000 years old brons treasure to the surface in Overpelt village. An important historic discovery by J.P.