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Dear visitor,

This fall I’m planning a trip to Western Australia for a period of 3 months. Not the usual holiday trip as you might think, but a gold prospecting trip.

The continent of Australia is unique. With its high mineralized soil, desolated vast areas and extreme weather conditions, it’s a challenge for every prospector. Here gold can be found in its purest form, the so called ‘’nuggets’’ (see pictures). These nuggets are almost pure gold (like 23 karat gold!). Nuggets can be found from 0.1 g up to several ounces! (the weight of gold is measured in troy ounces. 1 ounce = 31.1 g)

The largest nugget ever found with a metal detector is the ‘’Hand of Faith’’. This solid piece of gold was found in 1980 near Kingower, Victoria, Australia. At a cool 27.2 kg, this item was later sold for one million dollars!

I’ll keep in touch with you readers once a week, sending articles and photos for the web. I hope you will enjoy this adventure as much as I will. I’ll be back around March 2012.

Please visit this page again for more details as the date of departure comes nearer…


Warm regards,



Update, June 29th, 2011


Prior to this trip, I travelled to Belgium to visit my family .
For the next two months, we will work closely together gathering all the necessary information and equipment for the job.

Important information can be found on the website of the Goverment of Western Australian (Department of Mines and Petroleum).
Here you can find geological maps with scale 1:100000 or 1:250000 for download and printing. A large printout (A0) will do.
These geological maps provide us with important information on soil layers, bedrock, old and abandoned gold mine locations.

Western Australia has a record of approximately 35.000 mines!
Nevertheless, vacant land (Crown land) is only covered by 0,5%!.
So you need to be aware of areas that are open to mining claimes.
To get you started, you first need a Miner’s Right.
A Miner’s Right may be obtained for a fee of AU$25,00 at the Department of Mines and Petroleum.

To prospect on granted leases (covered with an existing exploration license) you need to register to the Tengraph online services. Special software will allow you to view Live tenements open for prospecting. Including information about ownership and contacts.

A next step is to obtain a Section 20A permit. This document will give you access to an already granted exploration.  

Other helpful tools are Google Earth, Gold Prospector Forums, books, GPS system, a simple compass, etc…
We make use of the new Minelab GPX Series and Explorer Series Gold detector machines. These tools have proven to be the best choice for the job.

We take 2 laptops (notebooks) for backup containing all the digital software and links. A Private Mobile Radio is also on our list for safety reasons and for communication in the field.

An internet connection will do fine for phone calls and uploading video to the web.  


To be continued…


Warm regards,




Update, October 8th, 2011


Dear visitor,

After a rather cold summer in Belgium I returned to the warm and sunny climate of Thailand.

From here we will make the final arrangements for the trip to Australia.

A lot has changed since our last update. As you have already seen we changed the layout and rebuilt the website completely over again. A great improvement indeed! The layout is still subject to changes as we are not complete satisfied with the result. We will focus on the basic principles as contents (reporting  treasure hunting, gold prospecting news, focus on new developments of metal detectors, etc…) and on layout (the new webpages will have video, interesting links, etc…)

The pages will only be available in English (we have discontinued Thai translations).  However the publication of Thai articles will continue. Furthermore we  decided to move the website from a Thai server to an European server. This has improved speed and reliability.

Another topic is the development and production of accessories for metal detectors.

We have already produced protective control box covers both for Minelab and White’s (see pictures). At this very moment we are developing and testing a compact headphone/speaker booster with a speaker and battery built-in. This unit can be attached to any metal  detector thanks to its lightweight design. This will reduce the need for wearing headphones all the time while prospecting.

(To preview this item: click the tab “electronics” en then click the text “amplifier”)

The ultimate test lies in the fieldwork: when the unit stands our 3 months prospecting trip In Australia then it will be ready for production and sales.

A web shop is on our list and will be added next year.

Important information : During our prospecting trip we will post video clips to the website. These videos  can only be viewed from the members section. You need to login to enter this page. Please register first.

So, that’s all for the moment. Next month we will post a final update just before leaving.


Warm regards,


Jean-Pierre .

Update, November 15th, 2011


Visa issues causing delay. New date for departure set for January 2012.

We have to face a 6 weeks delay because of the time consuming process to get all the paperwork done. Thai visa administration is very demanding.

This means we will not arrive in Perth before January next year.

The positive side of this inconvenient delay is the extra amount of time we can spend on preparation and equipment, optimising the web pages and giving them a final look.

On the negative side, this means we have to deal with the hot Australian summer, particularly the tropical heat that rules in the gold fields.

We will spend 3 months in Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie, Ora Banda, Siberia, Murrin Murrin, Sandstone, Kanowna and probably many other places.  We will follow historic maps as also recent tracks that hopefully guide us to the gold nuggets.   

Sandstone Post and Telegraph Office

Many sites were once very blooming cities but are now completely abandoned. Building materials have been removed and reused to construct new towns in the gold fields. This was the time of the Gold Rush.

Murrin Murrin – Historic Town Site

Kalgoorlie-Boulder city is an exception of the rule as it still exists today thanks to the Super Pit, an enormous open mine that is so overwhelming that it is visible from the moon!

With a production of 850000 ounces of gold every year, this site is one of the most profitable gold mines in the world today.  The Super Pit is now 3,5km long, 1,5km wide and 450m deep!    

The Super Pit – Kalgoorlie


We will upload videos to the web.  You can find them in the GALLERIES, select VIDEO.

These video clips are reserved for registered members only. Registration is free and easy!

We also encourage our readers to post comments.

This way our members can take part of the trip as we move on. We believe this has never been done before.

NOTE: The items we are currently selling on eBay will be discontinued for the time we are abroad as we cannot support sales. 

However,  we will bring a limited supply of items for sales. Interested buyers can send us a note and they will be served as soon as possible.

Warm regards,

Jean-Pierre .


Update, January 11th, 2012

Just a quick update to inform you visitors that our Ebay sales are ending.
Sales will be discontinued during our stay in Australia.
We expect to arrive at Perth National Airport next Friday.
A weekly updated newsletter of our trip can be found in GALLERIES --- VIDEOS & PHOTOS AUSTRALIA 2012.
Please register !!! It's free, only members can see the content of the newsletter.
OK, that’s all folks, let the journey begin!


Warm regards,

Jean-Pierre .